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Developing the Theory and Practice of Epidemiological Forecasting

Our mission. Epidemiological forecasting is critically needed for decision making by public health officials, commercial and non-commercial institutions, and the general public. The Delphi group at Carnegie Mellon University focuses on developing the technological capability of epi-forecasting, and its role in decision making, both public and private. Our long term vision is to make epidemiological forecasting as universally accepted and useful as weather forecasting is today.


Operational Systems


We have participated, and have done very well, in all epidemiological forecasting challenges organized by the US government to date:


Roni Rosenfeld

Ryan Tibshirani

Logan Brooks

David Farrow

Maria Jahja

Aaron Rumack

Jingjing Tang

Brian Clark

We are faculty, students, and staff at Carnegie Mellon University (some alumni). We are also part of a larger, University of Pittsburgh-based MIDAS National Center of Excellence, which includes epidemiologists, virologists, public health experts, infectious disease MDs, legal and economic experts, and other computationalists.

Members of The Delphi COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team

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Publicly Available Tools

All source code is freely available on GitHub.

Research and White Papers

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