Delphi Research Group

Develop the theory and practice of epidemiological forecasting, with a long-term vision of making this technology as universally accepted and useful as weather forecasting is today.

Who are we?

We’re a research group based out of Carnegie Mellon University dedicated to developing the theory and practice of epidemic tracking and forecasting. Pre-pandemic we worked mostly on influenza, dengue and norovirus; now we focus on COVID. We procure unique data streams that reflect epidemic (or pandemic) activity, extract relevant indicators, and make these publicly and continuously available. We and others then use these indicators for nowcasting (situational awareness) and short-term forecasting.

Who is our audience?

Public health authorities (federal, state, local), the healthcare industry, the public and private sectors, fellow researchers working on epidemic tracking and forecasting, data journalists, and the general public.

Delphi’s milestones


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